New Electric Meters

As the utility industry continues to evolve, the fundamentals of metering
remain unchanged. Accuracy, reliability and affordability are still as important
in today’s metering world as they were 50 years ago. The rapidly changing
Smart Grid landscape brings a new fundamental requirement into play as well:
flexibility. Today’s smart meters must be capable of constantly evolving to meet
ever changing requirements. Utilities can no longer afford to be handcuffed by a
single source for their metering needs.      
Vision Metering is committed to offering the utility industry metering products
and services that advance open communication and data transfer protocols while
offering the flexibility of incorporating a variety of existing technologies.
Key Benefits

Digital Measurement  Technology

Non-volatile memory

Designed for a 20+ year life

Meets or exceeds industry and ANSI standards

Uses ANSI protocols

Six-digit LCD and two Alpha ID

Utilizes Current Transformers for precise measurement

Remote firmware upgradable when meter equipped with 2-way communications

The only Vision Meter available for purchase online is our standard 2S, 240V, CL200 residential meter.  For all other meter order please call our sales team at 803-628-0035.
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Vision Meter Form 2S, 240V, CL 200
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